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Cinnie Smiths are a gourmet miniature cinnamon roll (about the size of a mini donut) that is made from scratch with NATURAL INGREDIENTS and NO PRESERVATIVES. With our secret recipe perfected over the years, every Cinnie you eat tastes like the perfect center of a cinnamon roll.

Want to go bigger? Then "Giant Cinnies" are the thing for you! Just like the mini, these bits of heaven are covered in caramel and have a melt-in-your-mouth flavor with or without our real cream cheese frosting.

Can't wait for the State Fair? Get Cinnie Smiths delivered to your door by ordering from our online store. You can keep Cinnies on hand and ready for any occasion -- a perfect morning, a midnight snack, when you host the big game, or any holiday party. Cinnie Smiths are also a great gift idea for friends, clients, employeees and family.

Participating in a school, church or nonprofit fundraiser? With Cinnie Smiths we make the process easier with our ability to communicate with you on a personal level. Selling Cinnies is also made easier because... who doesn't like a Cinnie?


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